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What is Difference between a Single Axle and Dual Axle Trailer in Brisbane?

Are you looking for a new dual axle trailer in Brisbane? We know that choosing the right trailer can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are new to trailers. With so many types of trailers to choose from, all with a seemingly endless number of accessories, that trailer will meet all your needs? This article will show the main differences between the single axle and dual axle trailers.

The difference between a single axle and a dual axle trailer is quite obvious physically. Single-axle trailers have one axle (one set of wheels) and two-axle two (two sets of wheels). In addition to the obvious differences between the two, there are many reasons why one style may be more suitable for your needs than another, so let’s look at them now!

Single Axle Trailers

The most famous of these two axles are often the ideal trailer for most equipment. There are several reasons, not least the price. Half the number of wheels and only one axle means fewer components and a less complicated trailer design. For lighter loads, a single-axle trailer is used (or at least should be), and therefore most single-axle trailers do not require brakes, which further reduces the complexity of the design and the number of components. And, of course, smaller parts mean lower maintenance costs and fewer defective items.

The biggest negative of the single axle trailer is the relatively limited load capacity. Because each load is transmitted by one axle and only two wheels, it has a lower maximum load capacity than two-axle trailers. Only two wheels also have a higher risk of your journey ending if you experience a collision – with a two-axle trailer, you can jump home without repairing the tip or changing the tire.

Dual Axle Trailer

Two-axle or dual-axle trailers have many advantages, and these are the main size and load capacity. As you can expect, more axles and more wheels mean bigger and heavier loads. This makes them ideal for things like large boat trailers and multi-trailer trailers. Thanks to the double number of wheels, the load is more evenly distributed, making these trailers more durable for loading, unloading and towing over long distances.

Increased road strength means there is less likelihood of trailer shocks or loss of trailer traction on unstable or uneven surfaces. Two-axle trailers are our preferred option for long-distance towing if strength and durability are important to you.

So what are the negatives of a two-axle trailer? The most important of these is trailer handling. All stability is good when towing the highway, but maneuvering the trailer in tight spaces can be a curse. Four wheels are limited to around trailer wheel, and if you attach them to a (usually) enlarged trailer size, you will get your hands on it a bit of a challenge. This can be a problem in small ways, so you need to think about your final decision first.

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