The Best Shoe For Supination!

shoe for supination
shoe for supination

Supination is an important consideration when you’re buying supination running shoes. Sometimes choosing the best shoe for supination is all that you need to overcome your injuries and pain. Regardless of your running experience, you know that the right shoes are super important. If your feet don’t feel comfortable in them, you won’t run. If they aren’t supportive, you’re more likely to get injured. Read further to learn more about our product.

What is Supination?

Supination is a foot type that causes the feet to roll outward. This foot type is usually accompanied by pain and discomfort in the arches of your feet. Supinators need an extra-cushioned shoe to help absorb shock. Supination is a term used to describe the rotation of the foot so that it rolls outwards. When you stand on your feet, this means that your toes are pointing outward and your heels are facing inward. This can cause strain on the ankle, knee, hip, and back muscles as well as the ligaments in your feet.


The most common cause of supination is an injury to the ankle or foot, such as a sprained ankle or fracture. Supination can also be caused by wearing shoes that do not provide enough support and stability. There are many reasons why someone might supinate more than average:

  • Leg Length Inequality (LLI) – A difference between one leg’s length from front to back versus another leg’s length from front to back can cause you to supinate more than average. The longer leg will rotate outward while walking or running, causing discomfort and pain in the joints and muscles of your lower body (ankles, knees, hips, and lower back).
  • Foot Type – Some people were born with flat feet or fallen arches which causes them to roll their feet outward when standing or walking; this is known as overpronation.
  • Genetics – If your parents had flat feet, you’re likely to have them too. Some studies suggest that up to 60 percent of people have flat feet or high arches.
  • Age – As we get older, our arches tend to drop more and become more flexible. This means that our feet roll outward more easily after years of walking on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.
  • Activity level – If you’re not active enough (especially if you don’t exercise much), your muscles will weaken over time and cause your arches to flatten out even more than they already are naturally over time).


There are a number of different treatments available for people who suffer from supination. Some people will find that their symptoms improve with physical therapy, while others may benefit from orthotics. In extreme cases where other treatments fail, surgery may be necessary to correct the problem.  Athletes with a supinated foot are more likely to develop injuries such as plantar fasciitis and stress fractures. Wearing the best athletic shoes for supination will help deal with this condition. It should provide shock absorption, stability, and comfort for those who overpronate. You will want a shoe that has a firm heel counter and arch support that will help keep your foot in place while walking or running.

Shoes For Supination

If you have a high arch and overpronation, you may be considered to be supinating. This means that your foot rolls inward when you walk or run. The result is that your foot can collapse and become unstable, which is not good for your knees. Supination is an issue for many people, especially those who are overweight or have weak ankles. If you have ankle instability, it can become more of a problem as you get older because the ligaments around the ankle will become weaker from lack of use. Following are the reasons why you should consider buying the best cross-training shoes for supination:

Shoes for supination have extra cushioning:

Supination shoes have extra cushioning and support to help control pronation and provide shock absorption. Athletes who supinate can benefit from a shoe that has to cushion and extra stability in the forefoot and midfoot areas of the shoe. The best hiking shoes for supination are designed to provide extra cushioning in these areas to help control overpronation, which occurs when the foot rolls inward excessively.

best hiking shoes for supination
best hiking shoes for supination

They help improve the mechanics of walking:

The best shoe for supination is one that has a wide toe box and room for your toes to move freely. This will allow your foot to roll outward naturally, rather than being forced into an unnatural position by poorly fitting shoes.

They have specially designed outsoles:

A good pair of running shoes can also help with supination if they have a soft sole that absorbs shock rather than transferring it through the body quickly. Sometimes people wear flip-flops or sandals during their daily routine when they should be wearing proper footwear instead.

They feature a deep heel cup:

When it comes to shoes for supination, look for shoes that are designed to help your feet maintain their natural alignment. A good shoe for supination should feature a deep heel cup and a wider toe box. A deep heel cup provides stability and support for the foot. It keeps your heel from slipping forward, which can cause pain and discomfort. The best shoes for supination are those with a deep heel cup that allows your foot to roll inward naturally. This allows you to walk without any pain.

They provide extra flexibility:

Supination shoes offer increased medial stability to help prevent overpronation. They often have a higher arch that provides additional support for the midfoot, which can improve balance during walking or running.


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