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Get Long Lasting Dual 80ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery For Your Appliances

Do you wish to switch from a grid-connected solar system to an off-grid one? It is, without question, the ideal solution for you in a variety of ways. Solar batteries collect energy from the sun and use it to power your portable electronics. It allows you to save money or create electricity on your own.

A solar battery with a capacity of 12v 80ah extreme battery is designed for use with solar panels and inverters for power backup. The Deep Cycle Systems 80ah deep cycle battery is designed to be charged by solar panels during the day. The lithium inside the DCS 80Ah solar battery is the most important component. Higher lithium-ion battery performance and quality are guaranteed. Because lithium batteries are not fixed and support-free, they must be topped up with water every three months.

Why 80ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Is Best For You

With new technology for solar RV or other deep cycle applications, this 12V 80 Ah extreme lithium iron phosphate battery is a safer, more lightweight alternative to lead acid. This battery weighs less than half as much as a lead-acid counterpart, making it perfect for deep cycle applications that require a lot of power for a long time. It has handles for transporting and maintains a constant level of power. Eighty Amp-hours of capacity provides enough power for a full day of trolling or a long day on the road in your RV.

Traditional lead-acid batteries supply less energy for high use. However, 80ah lithium battery does. They also have ultra-fast charging and discharging times, excellent efficiency, and longer cycle life, and they don’t require any maintenance! The safest and most durable components are used in all lithium batteries, including a LiFePO4 cathode and a built-in Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS enables a long lifespan, safe handling, and precise State of Charge (SOC) calculations.

Main Features For The Product

  • 6 in. width (168 mm)
  • 3 inches tall (210 mm)
  • 9-pound weight (11.3 kg)
  • AWP Electric Vehicles APPLICATIONS
  • Machines for the Floor
  • Recreational Boats on the Water
  • Solar

Benefits oF Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Uses

Lifespan Of Deep Cycle Battery

When it comes to 80ah batteries, how long do they last? They can, as previously stated, provide long-term electricity to your utility vehicle. The life cycle can last multiple charging cycles depending on how you use it and how powerful the battery is. Before using the battery, you must also consider the temperature and other aspects.

At 80 percent of rated capacity, deep cycle batteries have an average of 2,000-4,000 charging cycles. Compared to the 400-1,500 cycles that lead-acid batteries provide, it is a significant improvement. On the other hand, deep cycle lithium batteries can last five years or more than lead-acid batteries, which only last two years. However, if you are looking for a hardcore battery or deep cycle lithium batteries, don’t worry; Deep Cycle Systems has got you covered at an affordable price.



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