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Benefits Of LED Residential Lighting Perth

LED lighting solutions are on the rise. There are already more LED products and other items on the market than ever with traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) energy-saving lamps.

While some LED residential lighting Perth products may look like any other bulb or fluorescent tube, the variety of products, new names introduced by the lighting industry, and the fact that LEDs are a technology different from the previous ones for decades can make a difference. In LED light, it is quite a challenge.

This article explains the principles that homeowners or contractors should be aware of when purchasing LED products for making the switch to LED light.

Why Should You Make The Change To The LED?

Apart from being more powerful than incandescent and CFL options, they are thus able to provide significant energy savings. They are durable and do not contain Mercury like CFL, and offer many options for light and light appearance (warmth compared to cool).

Moreover, LEDs do not just come in the traditional way of lighting. Because of their compact shape, LED lighting solutions come in all shapes, and sizes, offering an almost unlimited number of ways light can be used and added to the home environment.

LED residential lighting Perth
  • Terminology

When buying traditional incandescent lighting fixtures, we needed to pay attention to the shape of the bulb, the water reflecting the light of the bulb, and the size of the screw base to ensure it was the size of a lamp.

With CFL, there was an option to choose a light look best described as soft white, bright white, and daylight. Soft white resembles the warm tone of an incandescent lamp while light and daylight glow and relax with a blue-green look.

When using LEDs, it is essential to understand three concepts

  • Brightness
  • Light appearance
  • Color rendering

After all, LED products are still more expensive than comparable incandescent products and will be durable, so we want to make sure we buy the right product for the job.

  • Brightness

First, we must eliminate the misconception that wattage is equal to light. Although incandescent watches and light directly correlate, this is not true in LED products. Since LEDs consume very little energy (Watts), it is not possible to compare incandescent light with LED-based water. Thus, using LED residential lighting Perth provides high brightness in your home.

So, the only thing you have to pay attention to when looking for LED is lumens. Lumen is a unit of measurement of light and tells us how much light a particular product emits.

  • Appearance

Colour visibility or relative colour temperature (RCT) of light is measured in kelvin (K). Suppose we want to know if a light bulb or a lamp creates a warm or shiny, cool light. We need to look at the kelvin number. When the number is low, the light will warm up, and the high value will appear cool and blue light. An incandescent lamp has an approximate colour temperature between 2700K and 3000K. Sunlight on a clear day produces about 5500K light.

People often complain about the appearance of calm, sterile CFL bulbs compared to incandescent ones. The problem here is that they have chosen a high kelvin, a cool colour temperature, instead of a warm colour temperature.



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