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12V 75AH Lithium Battery | Deep Cycle | Engine Starting

The 12V 75Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery has an impressive 170 amp hours. This 75ah Lithium Battery is worth 3-5 times more than lead acid/AGM batteries of equal weight. The 75AH Lithium Ion Batteries are designed for deep cycling applications such as solar power storage, wind energy conversion systems, RV / Travel Trailer / Camper Battery, Ultralight Marine Battery and other similar uses where high discharge rates are required, such as motor starting applications.

12V 75AH Lithium Battery for Engine Starting

The 12V 75Ah Lithium Batteries are made from Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) – the safest and most potent lithium-ion battery chemistry. These batteries have a very high specific energy density, meaning they can store power in a small space. And since they have no liquid electrolyte that can leak, you won’t have to worry about corrosion or spills on your boat, RV or other off-grid applications.

These deep cycle batteries will provide engine starting power for diesel engines and heavy loads in electric vehicles like golf carts or utility vehicles like work trucks and forklifts while also providing vast amounts of reserve capacity to give long life with light load use as well!

75 Ah Lithium Battery Superior Lithium Technology

Lithium batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries in many ways. They are safer, longer-lasting and do not require equalization. Lithium batteries are also much lighter than lead acid batteries so they can be used in various applications. Additionally, lithium batteries can be charged more often without damage to the battery pack or loss of capacity.

12V 75AH Lithium Batteries Details & Specs

12V 75AH Lithium Batteries Details & Specs

  • It’s a great choice for many applications.
  • Lithium batteries are lighter and more compact than lead-acid batteries.

The only real disadvantage of lithium batteries is their higher price tag. However, suppose you need a battery that can provide long-lasting power without the hassle of maintaining it. In that case, lithium batteries are a great choice, and they offer more control in a smaller package. They’re also safer than lead acid batteries and have a longer lifespan, which makes them well-suited for remote applications where weight and space are critical factors.

75AH Lithium Ion Batteries Benefits

For many people, the most important question when choosing a battery is, “how long will it last?” The answer to this question depends on the amount of power they use. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter than lead acid batteries and have a longer life span than lead acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density than lead-acid batteries (which means they can store more energy in a smaller space).

Lithium-ion batteries are also more environmentally friendly than other rechargeable batteries. They do not contain hazardous materials such as cadmium or mercury, which can contaminate water supplies if disposed of improperly.

Solar 75ah Deep Cycle Battery & Wind Power Storage

Not only are lithium batteries more efficient than lead acid batteries, but they can also store more energy. This makes them ideal for keeping the power generated by solar panels or wind turbines. A typical 75ah Deep Cycle Battery array with 1-kilowatt power (1 kW) will contain at least ten lithium batteries. A comparable lead-acid system would need 20+ batteries to reach this storage capacity!

The longer lifespan and higher efficiency of lithium batteries also mean less maintenance is required throughout their lifetime compared to lead acid counterparts.

DCS Marine Battery

The DCS Lithium Marine Battery is a 75Ah 12V battery designed for use as a DCS marine battery and engine starting. It is UL tested, meets IEC/EN 60086-1 standard, and has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The DCS Marine Battery weighs 1.5kg (3 pounds) but can deliver 170 amp hours of power at 20hr rate discharge. This means that it will last 5-7 years if left on standby all the time or 1000 cycles if cycled every day.

The battery has dimensions of 130 x 70 x 100mm (4 ¾” x 2 ¾” x 3 ½”).

The battery has a voltage of 12V, and the lead-acid chemistry means it can be charged at 40-50 amps. It is important to note that this is not an AGM battery, so it is not recommended for use in cold climates below -20°C (or -4°F).

RV / Travel Trailer / Camper Battery

RV batteries are typically 12-volt deep cycle batteries. These batteries should be mounted in a well-ventilated area and are usually mounted on the chassis or under the RV. RV/Travel Trailer/Camper batteries provide engine starting power for your vehicle’s engine and various electrical devices such as lights, refrigerators, and furnace blower motors.

This makes them a better option for those looking for a reliable backup power solution. RV/Travel Trailer/Camper batteries are typically 12-volt deep cycle batteries. These batteries should be mounted in a well-ventilated area and are usually mounted on the chassis or under the RV.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle 12V 75AH LiFePO4 Batteries

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are a new generation of lithium-ion batteries. They offer improved safety, performance and longevity over traditional lead acid battery technology. Compared to lead acid, lithium iron phosphate batteries:

  • Have a longer cycle life and can withstand more charge/discharge cycles before they lose their ability to store energy efficiently. This makes them ideal for use in applications requiring frequent rechargings, such as electric cars and boats.
  • They are lighter than equivalent lead acid batteries (around half the weight), making them more suitable for portable equipment such as laptops or handheld devices that need to be moved around regularly.

The 12V 75 Ah Lithium Battery has an impressive 170 amp hours. 

Lithium Iron Phosphate, or LiFePO4, is the most energy-dense battery chemistry available. This means that you can get 3 to 5 times more capacity for a given weight than lead acid/AGM batteries of equal size. It also has higher specific energy than other types of lithium batteries. A 75Ah LiFePO4 battery weighs only about 70 pounds and can store up to 170 amp hours (this means 75 Ah Lithium Battery will run your average car for around 10 hours). In contrast, an AGM or gel lead acid battery would weigh almost twice as much but only store 63 amp hours at this state-of-charge level.

The low self-discharge rate of lithium iron phosphate batteries means they can sit in storage for months at a time without losing any charge when not being used regularly, unlike some other types of lithium, which need to be kept topped up with an occasional charge cycle or topping bill if left unused for long enough periods (e.g., weeks).


This is an excellent product for anyone looking to upgrade their RV or deep-cycle battery. It has a long lifespan and can be used in any application where lead-acid batteries are commonly used (e.g., solar storage, off-grid power backup systems). If you have any questions about lithium iron phosphate batteries or want more information on our products, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website today!

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